Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Present like Mitt, kids, and you too can find yourself within spitting distance of the highest office in the land (or at least sell an ad):

1) Be concise.

2) Make eye contact.

3) Be confident in your story.

4) Own the space around you.

5) Behave as if you have the answer.

6) Lie like a rug and distort who you are. *

In the first debate, Mitt presented well, Barack didn’t, and people bought the product.  It changed everything.

Sometimes, as Jeff Tweedy sang, it’s just that simple.   

* This is not recommended in advertising. Which is not to say it doesn’t work.


D. Axelrod said...

Obama Leadership Style

1. Get the real time report your Ambassador and team in Libya are under terrorist assault
2. Inquire about what security they have
3. Aid reminds you that you (Obama) removed their security since they are in such a safe part of the world and the Embassy can use the money on Chevy Volts
4. Another update - mortars are landing in the room where the Ambassador and helpers are
5. Check your itinerary tomorrow for Letterman appearance and Las Vegas fat cat fundraiser.
6. Update - ambassador being raped by team of Islamic mullahs
7. Confer with Valerie Jarrett about what story polls best to explain the attack. (Intercepted by idiot military guy asking if special forces should be sent in).
8. Agree with team that attack was caused by an Internet video. Assign junior staff member to find a suitable video to blame.
9. Update - ambassador and three others are dead.
10. Confirm travel arrangements to Vegas. Make sure multiple teleprompters are sent.
11. Call from family of dead soldier - refer to Voice Mail.
12. Assign junior staff to work up form letter to family members.
13. Work in front of mirror practicing being offended at suggestion you did not do everything possible to insure the safety of the ambassador.
14. Issue orders to Hillary to create a Board to figure out when I was notified with report due in a year.
15. Schedule a few hours with Cabinet to work on the issues between Beyonce and JayZ. Assign whatever resources to help with this.
16. Issue restraining order to families of those killed to keep them from calling and talking to media. Have IRS issue audit letters on each family.
17. Send more guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. Their business model is working and this should help with the Economic Growth Plan.
18. Send letter to GD requesting emergency slogan for 2012. Nobody showing up at events except for families of dead ambassador and embassy stuff. These people are so annoying.

Neohio said...

Not sure anyone at this site is interested in small details like what the families of those killed in Libya and their lost family members have been through. The petty concerns of those who protect our country and their families are not so important to big deal marketing people, who are creative, and have big things to think about. But if there is anyone here who has interest in the events from the perspective of the family listen to this audio from the Dad of the Navy Seal killed in Libya. He had the chance to interact with our Commander In Chief. I know that dead American service men are trivial to the big deal people who follow this site, but sometimes we can learn from the insignificant people who are supposed to help make Our Leader look good. I don't mean to upset the audience hear, and Iknow many of your are pissed at those who got killed because their timing was sure not very good.. Hey could have delayed their deaths till after the election. And I won't raise the question of why Obama did not send any troops during the fight, which he could have done. This happened at the same time JayZ and Beyonce were having problems. And Joe Biden was working on understanding how Ohio is different from Iowa. So, the fog of war was definitely a factor. Still, if you care at all about the inane ram lings of the guy who just got the call his son was killed while serving Obama, here it is. You can go to the 1:40 mark on the tape if you are pressed for time thinking about big things, like how to make people buy Algae powered TV sets.

Neohio said...

Forgot the link. Here it is.


Chris Stevens, former Ambassador said...

I would vote for Romney but will not be able to get to the pollin place. Never believe anyone from Chicago. They are ALL liars.

Anonymous said...

Gary - are you there?.

"Lie like a rug." You seem to be upset at the idea of lying, though you give no example. Now - Obama lied for three weeks including at the debate about the cause of the Libyan attack on the consulate. He continually blamed the attack on a US citizen who supposedly posed a video on the Internet. He blamed this poor soul for this and gave this video as an acceptable excuse for violence. Even though he knew this was a lie. So, this lie covered the fact that Obama refused to provide help to the four Americans who were under attack. Does that lie bother you, Gary Doyle?. Apparently your fundamentalist religious belief in Obama excuses his lies.