Saturday, October 27, 2012

Behold the awesome power of social media

There’s a lot to be inspired by here:

The power of social media to change the world – or at least a kid’s world.

How much someone can make out of the materials at hand – with nothing but inspiration.

How the internet can truly create a community – not isolate us.

And how a kid refuses to be defeated by his circumstances. 

I’m 3 million views behind on this, but if you haven’t seen it yet, this is Caine’s Arcade. 


Anonymous said...

How about the power of liberal douchebags to destroy the great America they inherited so their kids can live a socialist third world country with no jobs but lots of condoms and wild sex and free abortions. No food, no pride, but lots of sex. Now, that is a marketers dream. Building the future for his kids that is no future. Just pure despair. Maybe another marketing genius will be able to make despair and misery seem cool.

Anonymous said...

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G.D. said...

Watch the film, Anonymous.

PS: four more years.

Anonymous said...

Just amazed at how little the first two comments have to do with the post. I'm a big fan of political discourse. But I am a hater of folks slappin' crap anywhere to get any kind of reaction.

Gary, very cool video about the power of social media. Moving. Interesting. Enlightening. No one mentioned anything political in it.

Gary, I might/will jump your ass if I disagree politically. But this wasn't a political post.

Long live people using social media to make folks feel something.

Long question folks who can't be aware enough to follow a thread.

Gray beard down-state.