Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Apple is up to is bigger than you think

If you don't read The Lefsetz Letter, I highly recommend you bookmark it. (It's in my blogroll.) It's a blog on the music business written by a somewhat bitter ex-industry guy. But he also writes about technology, and one of his latest posts, about the latest Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, is a keeper.

The point is, Apple introduced a lot of new hardware, and that got all the media attention, but what they're doing with their ecosystem is the real story, and the one the media is missing. Everything syncing seamlessly and automatically across products. And if you're not in the Apple ecosystem, you're going to be on the outside looking in.

It's a big deal. I'd buy Apple stock now, if it wasn't a bazillion dollars a share.


ferdman said...

lefsetz is the best. agree.

Sarah said...

A bazillion is not a bad price if it's going to two or three bazillion. If the socialists don't destroy the entire global economy.

Anonymous said...

Did Yes We Can mean the Federal Government, under Obama, can give automatic weapons to murderous drug lords resulting in the death of hundreds of Mexicans and a US Border agent? Wow. Those are the facts, yet the brilliant ones who brought us this bozo seem OK with this government sponsored subsidy of drug cartel weaponry. Yes We Can! Does anybody care what happens after the election of The Messiah, or is it just important to get the tyrant in office so your kids can live in a third world dictatorship, with the masses subsisting on food stamps? No concern about giving guns to drug kingpins? Fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

What part of the Obama story is not a lie? What part of his administration is not a lie? What is it about his supporters that they so love liars, such that even a guy who had never accomplished a thing in his life, writes two autobiographies, which are both now known to be built on complete lies about his life? I guess ad men most admire good liars, because, at their core, that is what they are.