Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the 'why didn't anybody think of this before' file

10 mobile Mini stores. That are, hello, der, Minis. No showrooms, just cars that go around Paris and give people immediate test drives.

It reminds me of what my old colleague Steffan Postaer used to say: search for the obvious.

Cool music track on the case-study, too.


Patrick Scullin said...

Very cool. And all 10 probably have the new Mini Store smell.

Sarah said...

Minis are very cool, but more important, they are fast. I knew a guy who had one of the first.

Sarah said...

Too bad you can't take a Presidential candidate for a test drive before you fall for the stupid, empty ad promises and get four years. Now, waiting for the sea levels to recede and the temperature to reach ideal levels and all humanity to "get along", end of all wars, end of government spying on its own, thriving green industry taking the economy to new highs. Yeah, I wish I had a test drive with this fucking bozo who seems to think he is on the PGA tour. Never, I mean never, listen to the ads.

Neil Munro said...

Is the current President too important to be asked questions, when he decides to create policy with no participation by Congress? Is it rude for a reporter to ask the tyrant about his decrees? In front of cameras, when the TelePrompTer has not been loaded with the answer? Do we need Congress, or the Courts, when the current President can simply issue decrees? Wouldn't it save money and time to simply eliminate the Senate and the House and the Judiciary, since we have an all powerful One.? Like in North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Can an Ad Man,
who used his talents to help elect a very Bad Man,
see the light and help to rid the country of the Bad Man,
and thus defuse and befriend the Mad Man,
And himself become a Good and Decent Glad Man,
and prove that an Ad Man need not be on the side of the Bad Man

Anonymous said...


It's an open question. Stay tuned. Now, for a word from our sponsor.