Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts on travel

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few months scheming ways to get people to buy small, expensive German sports cars. Some thoughts from the road.

LAX, which must be ground zero of cel phone usage, has zero cel service. Why.

A rental car bus after a long plane ride is the worst place in the world to be.

At a time when airlines are charging for everything but reclining your seat, why doesn’t every plane in the world have wifi? I’d pay 10 bucks for it for a puddle-jump to Detroit.

When you’ve traveled 1700 miles and you’ve carried your bags every step of the way, do you really need a dude at the hotel to carry them another 20 feet to the front desk?

I think the airlines sit around and dream up ways to annoy you.

I had Pinkberry for the first time. I hate the word amazing, but that stuff was amazing.


Anonymous said...

Do real men eat Pinkberry?

G.D. said...

Damn right. Stuff's incredible.