Monday, March 14, 2011

Santa Monica

After 10 hours in dark editing bays, I wanted to see the ocean my last day in town. I decided to go for a run to Santa Monica Pier and back. On the way to the pier, the sun behind me sank closer to the ocean. I ran hard so I could see it set on the way back: a little contest. As I made the turn, it was just above the water. I ran past people standing along the bluff, watching, photographing. As just a sliver of sun remained above the water, I ran past a cluster of palm trees. Clearing them, the sun had slipped into the Pacific. I saw a dolphin 10 feet offshore, jumping in and out of the water.

Animated songbirds did not appear around my head at this point, as my client suggested at dinner later that night. Still, it was pretty cool.

Farewell, Santa Monica.


David Axelrod said...

The sunsets are so pretty now, with our Leader in charge. Before, under the evil Bush, life was dismal. Now, we have Life and Beauty and Truth and Justice, and pretty sunsets. He banished all bad things. And he ended all suffering. And he commanded the oceans to retreat. And he proclaimed that every evening should have a pretty sunset. Utopia is here and "I helped".

G.D. said...


Can you not post these tedious comments anymore? I had to put a comment block on my blog just for you, which makes it a pain in the ass for my other 11 readers to post. So please stop.



Barack said...

Yes - quit those annoying posts David.

Now - can you post my Bracket picks GD? The whole world wants to know who I am picking today.


Patrick Scullin said...

I want to read your poetry.

Your Leader said...

My friends have to stop talking so much in public.

Anonymous said...

From Santa Monica can you see the bombs dropping on Israel? It's an amazing sight.

Jeff Immelt said...


GE pulls in $14B, makes $5B profit, pays $0 US taxes...

I deserve a raise. Thanks, BO.