Thursday, February 10, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of, um, not having your own idea

They say good artists borrow and great artists steal. If that's the case, Mercedes' ad agency is staffed with a bunch of freaking Picassos.

Below, my spot for the Porsche Panamera:

And below, Mercedes' "homage" to it that ran in the Super Bowl. My lawyers have advised me to use the word "homage":

Note to Mercedes: if you're going to steal, steal from the 1962 Tokyo Art Director's Annual. Not a spot your competitor ran just last year.


Patrick Scullin said...

Conceptually, yes, Gary-- it's the same basic idea.

But toss in a legendary song and a big time celebrity, and well, sir, you cover your 'inspired-by-another-spot' tracks pretty well-- while boosting the production budget!


Francisco said...

Imitation without attribution is bad. Some other things are worse.

Sam Gompers said...

GD - please post soon in support of the union thugs in Madison and how they should get whatever pension at age of 50 they want, paid for by the laid off private sector workers. It's only fair. Who cares if the state is $3b in debt. That's all due to Sarah Palin, right.? You can make it stick - in 99 words - even it's if it's all baloney. You are that good.