Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for:

Three football games today. Weber grills. Only needing to make it through three more months of intolerable weather. Whoever invented the Fender Telecaster. My excellent job. That I have a job. My boy saying to me the other day, "there's nothing greater than watching sports with my Dad.' The documentary 'Art & Copy'. The new Goodby spot thanking the taxpayers for bailing out GM. That Goodby's finally starting to do good work on GM. That there is a Goodby, the best agency there is. Steven Chu. Pecan pie. Pugs.


Unknown said...

I see no mention of my name. Odd.

G.D. said...

You're wrong. My pug is named Bob.

Roger Smith said...

The taxpayers would have appreciated it if the money to bail out GM was not stolen from the Treasury for this purpose which has nothing to do with the government functions. Bankruptcy laws would have served the purpose nicely, and allowed GM to get out of the strangulation of their UAW contracts, which are a big part of why they are now a ward of the state.