Monday, November 29, 2010

TJ Maxx and the hidden $399 iPads

TJ Maxx is doing something pretty smart right now. They’ve put it out there that ‘at select stores’, iPads are selling for $399.

How many stores are they in? 5? 500? (Are there even 500 TJ Maxx stores?) Was this the master plan or a happy accident? Does this mean the iPad2 is just around the corner?

So many questions. So few answers. Such a brilliant idea. Thousands of Apple fanboys walk in for an iPad, walk out with a George Foreman grill and a set of salt and pepper shakers.


Navin R Johnston said...

Not trying to sound like a Real Cool Guy of Where I Shop but I don't recall having been to TJ Max. I might have been, being led by my gal and toting dozens of shopping bags. But in the market for an iPad for a relative, this could get me through the doors. Are the select stores in markets without Apple stores?

G.D. said...

No idea. That's part of the trick, is they don't say. So you go in every damn TJ Maxx you pass by! Genius.

Tom Lichtenheld said...

Heck of a deal, as they say in Minnesota. But notice it's the 16gb version, which doesn't hold a lot of music or movies.
By the way, I'm still disturbed by the funereal red curtains.

G.D. said...


I think the curtains create a sense of suspense, desire and wonderment.

PS your video on Youtube is up to 29 views.