Thursday, October 21, 2010

'The Social Network', New York moviegoing, and sad-ass billionaires

I was in New York the last few days casting for some TV spots, and I went to see 'The Social Network'. A few thoughts:

It's a lock for best screenplay. Quick, layered dialogue.

It's a lock for best actor (Jesse Eisenberg), best supporting actor (Justin Timberlake), and best director nominations (David Fincher, duh.)

I felt sorry for Mark Zuckerberg. A sad, socially inept creature (at least in the movie).

Movies in New York cost $13. $13!

Lots of people go see movies in New York. THREE WEEKS after it came out, on a Wednesday night, the theatre was packed. I sat in the front row, staring straight up.

Finally, it's a pleasure to watch a well-shot, well-written, well-acted mainstream Hollywood studio picture.

And great tag line.


Unknown said...

Ringing endorsement. Can't wait to see it. On a more important note, are you still in NYC? If so, we should have a drink.

G.D. said...

No, but I will be next week. Philip who?

Unknown said...

I like your willingness to meet with a random Phil. It's Phil Gaughran (C-K Corona, Zantac, Dex). I'm met mcgarrybowen here now. Would be good to catch up.

G.D. said...

Jesus, let's! How about next week?

Unknown said...

Absolutely. I have a client in town Monday night but the rest of the week works right now. I'll email you my cell.

Tom Lichtenheld said...

Agreed, Social Network is not only fabulous writing and acting, but also David Fincher proving that he's more than a special-effects supervisor.

Patrick Scullin said...

Saw it for the second time last night and it's as great as the first. A perfect film. Perfect!