Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl ads – worth the $3 mil or not?


Maybe if your product message involves somebody getting kicked in the crotch or lighting farts on fire.

But even then…no.


Jerry Caggiano said...

Gary, I agree. But since I don’t have a spot in the Super Bowl this year it may be part of the reason why I feel that way. A really big part.

Unknown said...

My main critique of this years SB ads was exactly that... "Need more crotch kicking and fart lighting"!

G.D. said...

Jerry -- Count your blessings. I've had some spots in the Super Bowl that make me want to dive into the guacamole dip and hide. If that were humanly possible.

John -- one thing we DON'T need more of is spots where people were punching each other. There must have been six of them this year. What's up with that?