Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celery: the loud 'n proud veggie!

Thus ends the mini-series of 100 Words postings suggested by my friend Pat Scullin of the great Ames Scullin O’Haire agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Pat’s final and perhaps most provocative topic: Celery…the loud ‘n proud veggie!

Hmmm…not sure what to do with that.

I’ll just say this: if you students out there are putting together a portfolio, or even if you’re a vet bolstering your portfolio with spec ads (never a bad idea), try doing a campaign on celery.

I’m always a lot more impressed with book ads about difficult products (insurance, toilet paper, prostate pills) than I am by ads about easy products (Amnesty International, beer, 4-hour erection pills
.) Good ads for hard products = Gary Doyle’s respect.

So kids (and old guys who are kids at heart), make a killer campaign about celery.


Patrick Scullin said...

Thanks, Gary, for writing on all my random subjects (and doing terrific words on all).

Your advice to people about coming up with campaigns for tough products is excellent. Show me a great celery campaign and I'll show you the next ad star... or a person who makes a lot of noise when he/she is eating lunch. Celery is loud, celery eaters are proud.

G.D. said...


I expect a flood of student books with campaigns about celery. Get ready.


Marjorie Haden-Anniston said...

Celery: We're Lovin' It! ... or: Stalks, Folks and Fun!

Unknown said...

Celery... the other green vegetable