Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Back, America!

I always wanted to say 'America' in an ad. 'Hey America, are you suffering from incontinence?' 'Hey America, do you like to save money?' 'Hey America, what is it about this thing we call "America"'?

So hey America, have you missed me?

I've been out the last five months, um, sowing seeds. And those seeds are now sprouting in the form of production. And much time is spent on production hovering around the craft-service table and eating Corn Nuts. Which means that I, Gary Doyle, will now have time to blog for you, America.

It's good to be back, America.


Patrick Scullin said...

Speaking for all of America, we missed you,
Mr. Corn Nuts-breath. Welcome back.

G.D. said...

Hey, it's funny, I was just going to write you and ask you to put me back on your esteemed blogroll! Will you please, Mr. Crispety?