Thursday, September 3, 2009

8 L.A. Truths

I spent this week editing in LA. Less and less production is done there, so I haven’t been in a while. Some observations:

1) Every post-production facility has cement floors.
2) Every parking lot in every post-production facility is half-Priuses, half-luxo European rides.
3) The most common word in Los Angeles is ‘amazing.’
4) Everyone ends sentences with ‘right?’ As in, ‘Inglourious Basterds was amazing, right?’
5) You can get a table in a restaurant. You can get a suite in a hotel. The recession is deep.
6) The plane smelled like smoke when it landed. The fires.
7) Vin Scully is as sharp as ever.
8) I could live in LA, right?


Ron said...


Madelin said...

New York, LA... where haven't you been this summer?

G.D. said...

All too many places unfortunately...and I have the boarding passes to prove it.

I'm on my way to O'Hare right now, coming from an edit, staying there because I have a 6 am flight to New York tomorrow for the Porsche doc.

But no heavy lifting. I got that going for me.

Anonymous said...

Other truths:

*You always leave having eaten far healthier than you did when you arrived. And swearing you will eat better once you get home. And then you don't.

Anonymous said...

Other truths #2:

Once you get two blocks off Sunset or three blocks off the ocean, you realize Entourage severely over-represents the percentage of very pretty people in LA.

G.D. said...

And Pink's is overrated, Anonymous.