Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Wrestler

It arrived via my Netflix queue the other night. I liked it a lot. Two observations:

Sean Penn deserved the Oscar for “Milk.” Mickey Rourke was good, but he was playing himself; “The Wrestler” is essentially the Mickey Rourke story. But Sean Penn was playing someone (I’m assuming) completely unlike himself.

The other observation: Mickey Rourke would make a great voiceover. Maybe for a Chevy ad. Or a bank spot. They’re both beaten-down and primed for a comeback.

Mickey Rourke would make for a fun session. And I thought the actors I recorded yesterday gave me a peptic ulcer.


Patrick Scullin said...

If you asked Mickey for a second take, he might just give you a "Ram"...

One take would work for me.

Joanne Constantine said...

I totally agree that Penn deserved the Oscar more since he was the one who played a different character. As for the Rourke vo - don't you kind of need to see his craggy old squinting face while you hear the voice to get the full effect?

G.D. said...

You do. Though man, that craggy face is hard to look at! Especially when it's being stapled.