Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things I’m thankful for

I haven’t posted in a while, and lots of people – okay, my daughter and Patrick Scullin – have noticed.

So even though it’s not New Year’s, my New Year’s resolution is to post more often. And even though it’s two weeks after Thanksgiving, my first post in a while is going to be:

What I’m Thankful For – the 100 Words Edition

1) I’m thankful for advertising people. They’re almost always more interesting than non-advertising people.

2) I’m thankful for my clients. I’d have a beer with almost all of them. In fact, I do have beers with almost all of them.

3) I’m thankful for this, because hopefully it will inspire my girls. 

4) I’m thankful I’m not homeless. If you’re not, try reading this.   

5) I’m thankful for the ongoing brilliance of the Lexus December-to-Remember ads. That was a joke. 

6) I’m even thankful for the right-wing nut jobs that inexplicably read this blog because hey, at least they’re reading. 


patrick scullin said...

I'm glad you listen, eventually.

Your daughter is right. I am right. You need to write more 100 words.

Thanks, Gary. Nice work.

Okay, now the right wing nut jobs can take over.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for President Obama. He has reminded us all of the limitations of man, the folly of men's attempts to create Utopia (2500 page laws not read before they are enacted), and the superiority of the Creator, and the timeless and true laws He supplies. May we all learn this valuable lesson, become stronger through God, and use this strength to rebuild the country that President Obama is currently destroying.

His Brilliance said...

I am coming back from vacation after 17 days in Hawaii. Golf season is coming in DC so I can hit the links there. I can check out Buffet and Gates and see if they got signed up for Obamacare yet. Seems to be going pretty smooth so far.

Dick Tracy said...

On January 8, 2011 in Tucson a gunman shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the head, leaving her in critical condition. Loughner also sprayed gunfire at others in the vicinity, wounding thirteen and killing six. Gary Doyle immediately blamed Sarah Palin for some odd reason in this very blog. It was a popular thing for some brainless people to do at the time, blame conservatives for any crime that occurred. Gary knew it was a lie but he did it to be cool with his past client. Gary's vast readership was not impressed.

The gunman later was found to be Jared Loughner a slightly deranged young man. Loughner had been a student at a "Small School Workshop School" the SSW Mountain View High School in Arizona.

The Small School Workshop schools were created by a Chicagoan named Michael Klonsky. In 1991 Klonsky and Bill Ayers co-founded a project known as the "Small Schools Workshop". Both Klonsky and Bill Ayers were student radicals of the 60s and 70s promoting violence and killing as ways to improve America. Ayers girlfriend actually blew herself up (dead) making a bomb to kill customers in a bar. Klonksy created the Communist Party / Marxist Leninist. That name was his own special invention.

So, these two Chicagoans, early supporters of Barack Obama, created the special school that formed the mind of Jared Loughner, who shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head. A degree or two from Barack Obama. And Gary Doyle.

So, shouldn't Gary Doyle apologize to Sarah Palin. He lied. But then so do all his heroes. The Giffords hit job was done by a product of Chicago leftist radicals, friends of Barack Obama. Not surprising. These people, including Gary, leave death and destruction in their wake.

Al Gore said...

This is the National Weather Service. Gary Doyle - there is a Global Warming Warning issued for the posh North Shore suburbs this evening. The vast CO2 content released into the atmosphere during the Bush administration is causing unusual January El Nino weather patterns and a significant rise in ocean levels that are bringing dangerous warm temperatures throughout Illinois, the Midwest, and all the world. It is likely the high temperature might end all life as we know it tonight.

Be sure not to wear too much clothing outside. Use lots of sunscreen. Only use air conditioning powered by wind or solar panels.

This warning could be our last. The world cannot survive this level of heat for long.

the 99% said...

Blue collar workers get their Obamacare plans - video

Look at their faces. Can you see the tears?

Anonymous said...

Things I am Thankful For

That we have a purely evil man in the White House, who is destroying the country, which, when completed will make the people who voted for him twice, and who refused to spend any real time investigating the past and credential of the candidate for President, and who view themselves as smarter than everyone else, these people will be forced to know that they were complicit in the destruction of America. And they will have to explain to their own children why they participated in helping in the destruction of their country. We are halfway to destruction and these people are so mindless they still refuse to see the destruction of the economy. Blind. Arrogance and ignorance combined in the same people to an amazing degree.

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