Friday, May 25, 2012

The Effies

I had a boss once tell me he had a great idea for an ad agency. It would do absolutely terrible work, would do whatever the client wanted, would plumb the very depths of creative loathsomeness, and have zero shame doing it, as long as it sold product. As long as it was effective. He had a name for the agency: Basement.

There was a time when Basement would have cleaned up at the Effie Awards. But the Effies (short for 'effectiveness') have in recent years upped their game creatively. It's not enough for the work to be good at selling product. To win, the work has to actually be good. So the fact we just won one for our Porsche 911 "Everyday Magic" campaign is a nice thing.

The picture is a little ambiguous, so let me just say: the Effie is silver-colored. It finished second to the Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" Eminem thing. Can't get too upset about that.

And by the way, if anyone tries to steal the Basement concept, my lawyers will be on you faster than you can spit.


! said...

Congratulations, Gary!

Emily Sander said...

So are you going to throw it away like the others you tossed? Seems a shame since you should be proud. Awards are real bitch. People hate them because they seem to represent ego or pompous bravado. But really that's just your ego talking. As soon as you have one in your hands, you realize they represent hard work. Why shouldn't we feel good about that? I say in the battle between ego and head...let your head and the ideas in it win. Show your Effie proud, Gary. Nice job.

G.D. said...

You make good comments, Emily. But then again, you always do. Thanks.

Sarah said...