Monday, February 6, 2012

Deep thoughts in a sea of groin kicks: Super Bowl 2012

I loved the Clint ad. I loved that it had bigger things on its mind. I love how people are talking about what it means. Was it a political statement? Was it an Obama ad? Does the nation need a rallying cry during the Super Bowl?

I loved the halftime in America theme, at halftime. Best marriage of concept and content ever.

The Clint ad has talk value. The Betty White ad won’t last beyond the 24-hour news cycle.

I loved how epic it was. Super Bowl ads need to start being more epicly awesome. Like the Clint ad, like the Eminem Chrysler ad, like this one from a few years ago.

When your competition is groin kicks and monkeys, this is what you do:


R. Wittman said...

Here's the one Creative delivered first, before the suits showed up.

Patrick Scullin said...

Agree, Gary. It was a showstopper of a spot, that rare thing that made you patriotic without wrapping itself in a flag or golden hour shot of Lincoln Memorial.

In America's halftime, I think some of our political players need to be left on the bench or sent home until they get their heads in the game.

Lib Dem said...

As Patrick Henry said as the incredible idea of America was being formed in the minds of the early patriots, "Free contraceptives and abortions for all, anytime anywhere. No co-pay or no peace!. And free cell phones and mortgage relief.".

Our Founders were so wise and so strong. They understood our needs.

Now, back to the game.

Your Groupee said...

I still can't believe Sarah Palin shot Gabby Giffords. Why is she not in jail? I learned here she made it happen. Thanks for being so informative.

Will Wallace said...


George Gallup said...

What do my poll findings show about the ethics of advertising types?

Inquiring minds want to know.