Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Armageddon Post #2: I hate the Packers, but I love Wisconsin

As the End of Days, the War to End All Wars and the mother of all battles draws nigh, I’ll admit this: I loathe the green and gold, but Wisconsin is eternally cool.

Wisconsin has culture. Wisconsin has soul. Point Beer. The Mars Cheese Castle. Friday night fish fries. The Brat Stop. The BoDeans. Fish boils. The Northwoods. “Roll Out The Barrel.” It goes on and on.

It’s amazing to me that Wisconsin borders Illinois, a state that without Chicago, would be Kansas, a vast plain of nothingness.

True story: When I was in college, Wisconsin visited us for a football game, lost, and their fans tore down our goal posts

You gotta love Wisconsin.


Con Ed said...

So it now turns out that the Tuscon nut who shot a crowd of people, incling Gabby Giffords, had opinions that are of the Left - hate for America. He hated George Bush who he thought was behind the 9-11 attacks. This sounds like Michael Moore, the DailyKos.

With all the hate on the left, the death threats against the elected Florida Governor by a Democrat congressman, the hundreds of death threats against Sarah Palin by wackos inspired by liberal media hatred (found here), Youtube videos of leftists portraying the execution of Sarah Palin - it is obvious what is the source of hatred and sick violence in America. And it is not Sarah Palin. It is from the type of people who celebrate death, like Bill Ayers wife, Bernadine Dohrn did when she said publicly how she loved how the Manson murderers had killed pregnant Sharon Tate with a fork and then had a casual meal over the body. This is Bill Ayers, mentor to Barack Obama. Of course he plotted to blow up buildings in America and kill people in the 60s. He represents the ideology of hate. Find out who follows in Bill Ayers footsteps and you will find hate and violence.

Tom Lichtenheld said...

When our agency had the chance to pitch the Illinois Tourism account, my recommended tagline was: Illinois. From here, you can drive to Wisconsin.

Dorothy said...

OK - so everything in Illinois except the sewers of Chicago is like Kansas. I guess this is some sort of vitriolic attack on Kansas. I guess these North Coasters are better than simple Jayhawks. Well, I won''t be surprised if some Jayhawk comes along and whacks a certain North Coaster. It's only a matter of time with the type of anti-rural bigotry that this sites is spewing constantly.

Vijay said...

Best thing coming out of Wisconsin?
94 East.