Sunday, June 6, 2010


What would Amando Gallaraga do?

That's the question a neighbor posed to me when I was complaining about my various complaints today.

What would the Detroit Tigers pitcher who lost a perfect game on a bad call and was gracious enough to feel bad about the umpire do?

I'm going to try to think WWAGD every day.


tom Lichtenheld said...

He probably got more positive PR than if he'd actually been awarded the Perfect Game. Take note of the humility, BP.

G.D. said...

I will probably go straight to hell for saying this, but I don't think BP has done a terrible job on their PR. Containing their oil yes, but their response to this (except for the CEO saying his life is really messed up) hasn't been awful.

Clark said...

Why doesn't Obama want to take any action to reduce the oil flow? Why is he OK with the LA and Florida coasts being destroyed? No sand bar barriers, no oil booms, no burning off the oil. All actions that could relieve this crisis are FORBIDDEN by Obama's thug bureaucrats. This is all interesting behavior for this Brand.

Anonymous said...

Check out Bruce Robison's song "What Would Willie Do" sometime.