Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brand Palin

Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers got into a lot of trouble recently for using the term ‘Brand Obama.’ But compared to Sarah Palin, Barack Obama is store-brand string cheese. Sarah Palin? Now THAT’S a brand.

I realized this a couple of week ago when I posted what it’d be like if Sarah Palin was my client, and my hits went through the roof. They increased tenfold. Now admittedly that means 20 a day instead of 2. But still.

People feel strongly about Sarah Palin. There is no middle ground. She’s not trying to be all things to all people. She has a clear world view.

And when you think about it, this should describe your brand. If it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong.

Just make sure your brand doesn’t favor shooting wolves from airplanes.


Clark said...

Hopefully a description of a dying brand. Written on my iPad.

Clark said...

A story about a dying brand. Hopefully.

Clark said...

Is that a bad thing for a brand - to shoot wolves from airplanes?

How about voting three times to require doctors and medical staff to kill babies who accidentally survive partial birth abortions. There is a "brand" that said if an infant was born healthy during an abortion process, that child should be killed since that was the intent of the abortion, even though the baby was alive and outside of the mother and posed no harm to the mother. I realize this human baby is not a wolf, but killing it might at the least harm a brand, temporarily. And what could be worse than harming a brand. Yes, we can!

Patrick Scullin said...

Who is this Sarah Palin character and what's she got against wolves?

Clark said...

I notice the Brand was in your backyard last night. I assume you were there in Rosemont representing the local wolf population against the threat of this intruder. A report from the Rosemont event says,

"For 70 minutes, Palin optimistically preached patriotism, praised Illinois for giving the world Ronald Reagan and the Tea Party movement; slammed President Obama, moderation and Illinois’ corrupt politicians — who she said reminded her of the people she kicked out of office back home in “Alaahhhska.”

So since there were no wolves in sight, she aimed at the thugs who run Illinois and the passive people there who are OK with the decades of corruption and mob rule. Makes me wonder - is The Machine a brand? Is the local precinct captain or SEIU thug a brand representative? I guess so. Maybe there will be comments on those lovely brands here.

G.D. said...

It's a lot easier to go to Illinois and take easy shots at our corrupt politicians than to stay on as Governor of Alaska and take on the problems there. But she quit, Clark. She quit!

Fox News and reality shows do pay better, I imagine.

Clark said...

She had about 30 lawsuits filed against her and the state by leftist thugs, of the type that come out of Chicago. None of them produced anything, but it was clear the Left intended to use lawsuits as a harassment tool and to prevent her from doing her job. She was wise to quit - it served the interests of the citizens as she had an excellent LT GOV. The Left decided to spend all its time aiming crude attacks (what else do they have) because they are afraid of her. Obama is a pure empty suit, an affirmative action student, law review editor and candidate. Sarah actually has accomplished things in each job. The fact that this obscure blog would take cues from the Left and target Sarah Palin is amazing. And of course, none of the content includes substance. Good to divert attention when the Chicago mob thug President is destroying the economy, increasing unemployment daily, piling up debts that will burden your kids, turning public schools in propaganda factories (ruining more generations of inner city and now even suburban kids), and leaving our country defenseless against terror. You minimize Chicago corruption. Since you live there you might give a bit of thought to the cost of pure corruption. You will be voting for a Senate candidate who is part of the Mob and used his bank as a personal ATM. Do you care? Of course not. Sarah threatens you. She fought corruption in both parties in Alaska and long time pols went to jail. What are you doing to leave Illinois better off than when you got there? Do you care about what kind of country your kids inherit, or is more important to put on the fashionable attitude and hell with the crooks, the lies, the debt beyond comprehension, and of course, the destruction of our Constitution. Mad Men. I see where that comes from.

roger said...

Food for thought.

Schindler said...

When you are bored insulting Sarah Palin, read up on the oratory of your "yes We Can" man. truly an impressive and inspirational leader. What we get when People Magazine chic rules.

Oldman said...

How is Brand Obama doing? Based on his brand projecting the image of super competence I assume he has fixed the economy. And given that he was against all wars and we are going on 18 months in I assume we are no longer in Iraq and Afganistan. And surely the deficit has been reduced, since Brand Obama constantly preached about the high Bush deficits, even though the worst ones came with Democrat contol of Congress. The only measure by which BO is doing well is in terms of dismantling America as a Constitutional republic. He has done great at planting Chicago corruption in the service of Marxism as our governing machinery. But that was not part of the Brand. Maybe marketing is all about lying.

G.D. said...


Have you been drinking?

Rod Blagoyovich said...

Yes we can! He is "The One". He is saving America. Holy, Holy, Holy.

Jeff said...

"Decisions terminate panic." -- Ancient proverb

You can disagree with a perspective, but not the
need of having one.

"You should never have to guess where I stand on an issue." --- Chris Christie

My confidence is low that Sarah Palin will ever
successfully transition from Wasilla to Washington,
but like Governor Christie (or any successful brand)
you'd probably have little doubt over where she stands? On the political positioning front, that is a refreshing change!