Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Words For 'Slumdog Millionaire'

Over. Rated.

Sorry peeps, I know this is the Oscar darling of the season. And I know we'll be seeing Danny Boyle's lovely film stylings ripped off in many ad campaigns to come this year.

But really, how much brutality, cruelty and squalor can you fit into one movie? I get that every day in advertising.

The custom my wife and I have every year is to go out and see the five Best Pictures nominees. For the first two (Benjamin Button and Slumdog) we're off to an inauspicious start. I"ll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Eff the drama about India's squalor, this story is about LOVE!!! (and booty dancing to M.I.A. remixes) Come on, where's your heart?

Anyways, I do agree that the poverty was played up a bit much, but it had a nice story, and really great cinematography.
Who knows, maybe this will serve as some kind of segue for many Americans to start getting into Bollywood flicks!

AdAge also has something to say about this:

G.D. said...

Smock, good to hear from you! I've missed you. You've fallen off the planet since classes started again.

I knew this would get a rise out of you. Speaking of Bollywood...EXACTLY! I love Bollywood flicks. And only Bollywood part about Slumdog was the dance sequence at the end in the train station, which was my favorite part of the movie. That and the music.

Now if the rest of the music had dancing and corny songs like a great Bollywood flick, then we might be on to something.

David Everitt-Carlson said...

Ha. My initial review of the film was that it was over-sanitized. I've never been to India but knowing what I do about Vietnam, you could have shot the film with more grit here. I though it was Moulin Rouge...in India...

G.D. said...

Moulin Rouge in India. Funny. And sort of strangely true.