Thursday, July 17, 2008

Passion. There Is No Substitute.

Do you want to know the best thing about working on a car account? You don't? Well, I'll tell you anyway.

People care about cars. Passionately.

Most products, people just don't care. The trick is to make them care. But going in, they don't care.

Deodorant? Don't care. Toaster pastries? Don't care. Cars, especially the sports car I work on? They definitely care. They care in ways they don't even fully understand.

The only product I can compare it to is money. Financial services. But there, some just don't want to think about it. Especially if how you talk about it hits too close to the bone.

Cars are the candy store of advertising.


james said...

So Social Networks are all the rage. Soon I'll tell two friends, then you'll tell two friends, and on and on...easy-math via easy-media, sounds delightful(and definitely more affordable)! The wisdom is that we'll all banter on about our preferences for BMW vis-a-vis LEXUS?

Most assuredly!

But what about that low-interest stuff (the bulk of what we HAWK)?
Do they really think we'll WAX on about BAN vs. DIAL, about CHARMIN vs. NORTHERN? Cars yes...but what about that other stuff which is like...ohhh...70%+ of what gets huckstered? Hard to be passionately charged over such pedestrian product premises.

Uber Flow said...

Driven to give them the best; or at least to get them beyond A - B, I too have the pleasure of working on a car account (Honda Civic), the ugly duckling of sexy. My audience specializes in uniqueness (Millennial's) and I like that (long format action web series). My client, the MAN, wants a :30 spot. It drives me wild that those that care never get the same respect as those driving the brand.

G.D. said...

James, you are correct, you have to create interest where little exists for Northern. That's the fun of cars admittedly....the passion is there.

Uber, don't knock the Civic. Good-looking car, and the number-one selling car in the US of A!