Friday, January 18, 2008

My Partner Left Today

We met at Leo Burnett. The secretary outside her door was handing out pretzels.

We worked together on an alternate Allstate campaign. We beat what they’re running now.

We free-lanced together in Phoenix on a pitch. We won the account.

We went to lunch at Chipotle. The restaurant paid for my burrito.

Our third day working together, I wandered into the ladies’ room by accident. I won an award for it.

She gave my 12-year-old a book. It’s one of Ellie’s favorites.

The accounts were hard. We laughed every day.

If you’re starting to think I lived a charmed life when I worked with Marie-Claude Garneau, you would be right.

Au revoir, M-C.


m-c said...

Au revoir to you too. It was fun indeed. I look forward to watching you take the good karma to the next level.

G.D. said...

Hey! It's you! She's alive!

I will be willing to write a blog entry that says 'My Partner Returned Today.'

George Parker said...

You haven't answered the key question... Why is she leaving you? What did you do? Does your "Significant Other" know this has been going on? Is this something you'd rather not talk about in public? C'mon Gary... Give us the goods. If it's juicy, I'll splash it all over AdScam!

G.D. said...

Wish I had the goods, George. Wish I could say the agency found e-mails where I said things like 'I think of your face when you kiss me'. Wish I could say it was something lurid involving midgets. Nothing like that! My disagreeable personality tends to drive away a lot of people, but MC left because she's going back to school. Dull as that. But feel free to make something up in your fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Shakespeare who said "tis better to have had a partner you love and now lost than to have a partner you hate and have kept.'"

Shakes despised his art director-- did all his copy in Olde English.


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