Friday, November 16, 2007

The Hardest I Have Laughed At An Ad In Years

Out loud. Screeching, snorting, embarrassing laughter. The kind of laughter I don’t even laugh at funny movies, or George Bush press conferences.

The Jeep spot with the singing animals.

“Rock Me Gently”? The squirrel? The wolf that eats the bird?

So fresh.

I know, talking animals. It’s an old idea. It doesn’t matter.

“Rock Me Gently.”


Beyond all that, two questions:

How did heck did they sell this ad to the client?

And, how the heck did they sell an ad to the client which barely even bothers to mention the vehicle it’s ostensibly launching?

Still: kudos.


Anonymous said...

Your insight is what's fresh. I need to convince my company to use you.

Jon Leon said...

That one is good. I tell you, the one I can't stop watching is the Greg Oden - ESPN The Magazine spot. "I'm a Chameleon." Classic.