Monday, January 9, 2012

Gary Vaynerchuk and the Thank You economy

A never-aired interview of the social guru by Piers Morgan. How brands should use it, why it matters and why it's the future.

18 minutes is a long time to focus, I know. Make me proud.


Patrick Scullin said...

Very interesting interview. Need to read his book. The challenge I see in all this social stuff is one of capacity and cost. Yes, it would be great to monitor and reply, to be the local butcher and care and build relationships-- but who is willing to pay for this army of caring people engaged in consumer building conversations?

Admittedly, the traditional agency model is obsolete, but there is still a need for outgoing messages to the masses.

Where we are headed, I think, is brands having a small army of people who are the VOICE of the brand. They will be experts in knowing all aspects of the brand, the audience, the marketplace. They will be the official word on any matter that touches the public. No more pockets of experts in various companies handling various tasks. It will be centralized, coordinated, strategic and tactically sharp and focused. This will cost a small fortune to do but it will be worth it since this essentially is the living, breathing brand.

Will clients pay for this? It is a sea change, a new way that will require serious investment, soul searching, and coordinated smart efforts on a number of fronts.

Thanks for posting, Gary. 100 very worthwhile words!

G.D. said...

Wise comments as always, Patrick. Does that army work for the client or for the agency?

Another approach: maybe you don't have an army of people. Maybe you do one good deed and let the word spread. Check this out: