Friday, September 10, 2010

Announcing 100 Words Mach II. Huzzah!

My 12 readers have been clamoring for 100 Ad Words content beyond the sphere of advertising. They say, “Hey 100 Ad Words, why do you just write about marketing? How about politics? The time-space continuum? Would it kill ya to publish a damn Rice Krispie Treat recipe every once in a while?’”

Well, 100 Ad Words has nothing if not its ear to the ground. So from now on, its scope will be expanded from just marketing, to marketing and everything else. And inevitably, more columns about Sarah Palin.


Patrick Scullin said...

Bully for you! 12 people can't ALL be wrong. And like the peer group that gets you into trouble as a kid, we'll egg you on and scatter like leaves in a hurricane should you fail.

But you won't. Hell, you're Gary Doyle, the best there ever was!

Onward to more wise 100 words (on whatever strikes your fancy).

Madelin said...

As long as expanding topics doesn't expand word count. :P

G.D. said...

Thank you, Patrick. I'm the third-best the world has known. You're the second-best. Jesus Christ was the best.

G.D. said...


Never will I expand on my word count. That would require actual effort on my part. Unless the topic is Sarah Palin.