Sunday, December 16, 2007


Okay. It's thankless. Admittedly. It's Nike. You're following Wieden. And a whole lot of people are looking for you to jump the shark anyway.

But the first spot for Nike by Crispin is still a shoulder-shrug. A well-produced, kind-of entertaining, intermittently coherent, God-that-must-have-been-expensive shoulder-shrug.

The problems start with the idea, which is: motivation. To which I say, meh. Crispin has had some breathtaking insights -- the VW Passat ego emissions work comes to mind -- but the planning department wasn't all there for this one.

Plus, Wieden did a REALLY GOOD spot on motivation a few years back, the one where the boy rubbed the steak blood on the soccer ball which forced him to outrun the dogs chasing him.

I love Crispin. I wouldn't bet against them, especially on a piece of business like Nike.

Still: meh.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you post a link to the spot, dipshit?

G.D. said...

Anonymous uses a not-nice word for me. And I thought the internet was the last bastion of civility.

The truth is, I haven't figured out how to post a link yet. So that would be 'dumb shit' to you, not 'dipshit.'

Thank you, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, thanks for not putting the link actually because the ad blows. If we are making bets, I bet this ad gets a few people at Nike new jobs and puts an end to the self congratulatory press releases about hiring CPB -- the agency du jour -- whose last few minutes of fame are definitely up.